Ateneans Guided and Inspired by their Love for Animals (AGILA)

Your partner for animal welfare


Who Are We

AGILA is an organization made up of Ateneans that creates an avenue for their passion for animals. It aims to promote Animal Welfare to the atenean community, its students and employees, by lighting the spark of each individual's love for animals which will, in return, help our furry friends in and outside the campus.

Why should you join us?

  • If you have a love for animals, then you can exercise it here.
  • The drive to care for them is what AGILA stands for.
  • AGILA aims to give all furry friends their own forever home and you can help with doing so by either fostering rescued ones, adopting a current foster or rescuing one yourself.

Our Yearly Projects


AGILA Week is a weeklong AGILA flagship project aimed at showcasing other organizations who advocate animal welfare. These organizations are invited to have booths at the event site and hold talks to also share their passion for animals. This will also serve as a fund raiser for the organization's -- AGILA -- current fosters. Animals will be present! This is a chance for the Atenean community to interact with both invited furry friends and AGILA's current fosters.

Shelter Visits

The Animal Rescue Center visit or Shelter visit is a session at a partner organization where members can help out in the daily activities of an animal shelter or rescue center.