Blue Indie Komiks (BLINK)

Linking People Through Komiks


Who Are We

Blue Indie Komiks, or BLINK for short, is an organization that believes in linking people through komiks. If you’ve got a character you’d like to bring to life, a world you’d like to explore, or even just a favorite komik you want to share, then come on over – we’d love to have you!

Why should you join us?

  • You'll receive our support and guidance in your creative endeavors
  • You'll get to meet and interact with other people who share your love for komiks and creating art
  • You'll be exposed to the local komiks scene through local conventions like Komiket and Komikon

Our Yearly Projects

Participation in Komiket and Komikon

Every school year, BLINK tables at four major local conventions: October Komiket, November Komikon, February Komiket, and Summer Komikon. At these conventions, BLINK sells the original komiks and merchandise we produce, such as our semestral zines and the BLINK Originals komiks. Aside from our own merchandise, we also open the table to our members who might want to sell their own merchandise alongside us -- whether they be stickers, prints, charms, or even original komiks!

Semestral Zines

Every semester, BLINK creates a zine consisting of multiple short komiks and artworks revolving around a central theme. These short komiks and artworks are made over the course of several weeks by our members themselves, with our deliberation and guidance. When the zine is completed, we hold a launch to celebrate the creations of our members and to share their works with the Ateneo community!

BLINK Originals

Every school year, BLINK gives our members the opportunity to work alongside us in creating their own original komik. At the end of the first semester, we accept pitches from our members, which serve as the starting point for their original komiks. For the following three months, we guide our members through the process of turning their komik from idea to reality. After the komiks have been made, we choose one to publish on our Facebook page, as well as in print!