Blue Hanguk Society (BlueHan)

With BlueHan (Be Anything With BlueHan!)


Who Are We

Blue Hanguk Society is a student organization that seeks to promote Korean pop culture, language, history and tradition within the Ateneo community. As the student arm of the Ateneo Korean Studies Program, BlueHan provides opportunities for students to discover more about and express their enthusiasm towards the Korean culture.

Why should you join us?

  • As the Philippines continues to embrace Koreans and their culture, learning more about Korean culture becomes important because it allows students to gain a better grasp of how open Filipinos are to foreign influences. BlueHan, then, provides the Ateneo community with projects that showcase the different forms of the Korean Wave. Moreover, members are given the opportunity to meet co-Korean culture enthusiasts who share the same passion for Korean culture.

Our Yearly Projects

Forever Young

Forever Young is the organization's project for celebrating the Korean style of beauty and wellness. It includes learning more about Korean beauty and the Korean way of being healthy.


Based on the real Korean tradition, Seollal is the annual project of the organization that aims to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Korea. Traditional practices and games are included and showcased for the Ateneo community to see.


The year-ender project of the organization in collaboration with Hinomoto. A relatively new project, the organization seeks to engage its members and create fun and meaningful memories through the connection and joint engagements of the Korean and Japanese culture.