Blue Symphony Orchestra (BlueSymph)

More than an Orchestra


Who Are We

The Blue Symphony Orchestra is the university's premier student-led orchestra, cultivating music appreciation in all its members and seeking to share this value within and beyond the LS community.

Why should you join us?

  • Discover and develop your musical identity
  • Find home in a diverse family of music enthusiasts
  • Help grow the space for music in the Ateneo community

Our Yearly Projects

Music Arrangement Workshops

As part of the Composers and Arrangers Pool (CAP) of the organization, members are exposed to music theory lessons and hands-on music arrangement exercises to develop their creativity and skill in the craft. The Blue Symphony Orchestra takes pride in performing music arranged by its very own members in CAP.

Christmas Caroling

Accompanied by sleigh bells and Christmas melodies in every month of December, the Blue Symphony Orchestra rehearses and prepares for caroling performances as one of its fundraising activities and as a way for music enthusiasts to celebrate holiday festivity.

Year-end Concert

The Blue Symphony Orchestra is most famous for its year-end concert which serves as the culminating event which showcases the efforts of all its org members: from the performing pool dazzling the audience on-stage to the production team working their magic behind the scenes. Bringing together org alumni of different generations annually, each concert night leaves a unique and lasting impression to all that hear the sound of the orchestra at its fullest.