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Who Are We

BYTE is the Home Organization of the BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship Program. We aim to give the ITE Majors a supportive community, strong external connections, and valuable resources.

Why should you join us?

  • To connect and bond with other ITE Majors
  • To learn more about IT startups from fellow members and professionals
  • To expand your knowledge on the digital economy

Our Yearly Projects


Reboot is the ITE Prepcourse under the ITE Program. BYTE is the main organizer of this event that introduces the course to the freshmen and shift-ins of the year.

Tambay Week

Tambay Week happens during the middle of the first semester and allows all BYTE members to bond and relax. Usually, there are special activities per day and throughout the week.


This year, BYTE aims to host more talks with speakers knowledgeable on the IT startup industry as well as the digital economy.