Contemporary A cappella Singers Assocation (CASA)

Home is Where the Music is


Who Are We

As the Philippines' premier collegiate pop a capella group, CASA strives to release life into the world through the music of our voices.

Why should you join us?

  • We are an org where our focus is on the sense of passion and the sense of community not in balance but in complete harmony.
  • As diverse as our own individual taste in music, we confidently boast being "evenly odd" as our own individual traits complement each other for our love to sing.
  • Singing in a capella, as the singer harmonizes with others, is truly a life-giving experience of connection.

Our Yearly Projects

CASA Caroling

As CASA's favorite holiday, we believe there is no better way to feel the spirit of Christmas than through singing; and it is our job to help reminisce all your favorite contemporary Christmas songs.

CASA Harana

When Love is in the air, we feel it is best expressed in the Philippines' beloved serenade tradition. Whether on campus or off campus, we take delight as a companion of men (and/or women!) with beautiful backing vocals as you woo your beloved every Valentine's season.

CASA Grand Concert

With a new name each year that embodies the organization's journey, the annual school year ending concert of CASA is our final flight to showcase to our family, friends, and supporters, the greater heights we have achieved in the various seasons of singing as a humble reminder of how a mere gathering of friends can help spread their wings and fly farther than each has ever dared to fly before.