Premier food and culinary organization in Ateneo.


Who Are We

Cuisina is premier food appreciation organization of the Loyola Schools. Cuisina fosters a community of students who have love, passion, and appreciation for food.

Why should you join us?

  • Cuisina has a place for everyone, as long as you love food.
  • Cuisina will teach you all there is to know about each food's culture, tradition and preparation.

Our Yearly Projects


Sprouts is an event where we can teach the Atenean community about how to grow and care for their own plants, which they can then bring home and use in their own kitchen for different dishes. Some examples include basil, spring onion, and oregano.

On The Rocks

On The Rocks is a party we hold in the start of the year to welcome new members of Cuisina. This helps ensure that you have friends inside Cuisina and it fosters a sense of community within the organization.

Cooking Workshop

Cuisina holds cooking workshops with various themes to help teach its members how to cook and prepare different kinds of food from different cultures.