The Designer Community (DECO)

A home for designers.

DesignHome org

Who Are We

We are a home for designers in Ateneo!

Why should you join us?

  • We believe designers deserve recognition and their work deserves respect.
  • We believe that having a community is fun, fun fuels creativity, and creativity leads to great design.
  • We recognize that some of the best designers in Ateneo are dedicated to other amazing organizations, so we won't demand much from our members! Just hang around and join the family.

Our Yearly Projects

Designer Directory

We aim to make a directory of Ateneo designers complete with portfolios and more, to give offices and orgs in need an easy way to find talent.

Deco Design Collection

We will celebrate great design through the Deco Design Collection, actively promoting great publication materials made by designers within the LS community as they get posted, and reviving forgotten designs as well. We believe Atenean designers create amazing works of art that deserve to be showcased and remembered. We plan to cap the year off with Design Awards!

Designer Hangouts

We will hold regular designer hangouts along with other fun events to bring Atenean designers together to spark collaboration and build a community.