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Who Are We

Effective Altruism is a global community of professionals who are working together to answer these questions: 1. What is the most effective charity to allocate resources to? 2. What careers objectively provide the happiest and most positively impactful people? 3. Are some issues being ignored because they aren’t as popular? 4. How do we quantify the amount of good our actions do?

Why should you join us?

  • If you enjoy helping people and want to know how you as an individual can objectively be as efficient in saving and improving as many lives as possible or being fulfilled in your career, this is the org for you.
  • We train members in the art of rationality, impact analysis techniques, and applying the scientific method on some of life's most important questions.

Our Yearly Projects

Monthly Networking

We have monthly events with a professional in the NGO space that are open to the public. We believe that a network is important for anyone to be effective, so we use this as a chance for people to interact with professionals within different career trajectories.

Member Training and Workshops

One of the most important factors of being effective is having the mental frameworks to think through problems properly.