Fitness Improvement Team (FIT)

Your friend in fitness, your home in health


Who Are We

The Fitness improvement team is a community that aims to provide its members with all the tools necessary to either jump-start or advance their fitness and health journeys.

Why should you join us?

  • Weight-management, if you're out to lose weight or gain weight, then FIT is here to help.
  • Improving ones health, if you one to join in the healthy lifestyle, FIT can help transition into more healthy habits.
  • Haven for self-development, judgement free space for self-improvement, the FIT team aims to provide a space conducive for ones personal growth. This space is supplemented by FIT officers are always at your beck and call for any fitness related concerns.

Our Yearly Projects


We offer a combination of multiple workouts that a member can choose from, so far we've had weight-lifting, running and group exercises in MORO. Additionally, we plan on adding Boxing for the coming semester.

Fitness related activities

Group trial programs where members can try gyms and fitness centers in the Philippines, we also work in partnership LSHS to provide members with a lot of fitness opportunities.