Junior Fellowship for Financial Literacy (JFEL)

Elevating Financial Literacy


Who Are We

JFEL is an avenue for the students of Ateneo de Manila University to pursue their interest in various fields within the finance industry.

Why should you join us?

  • Community - JFEL is a community of students who want to understand the world around them through finance. This organization is for students who want to be surrounded by like minded people with an interest in financial activities.
  • Opportunities - Graduated members of JFEL are presently employed in various sectors of the financial industry such as Investment Banking, Brokerage firms, and Financial Resesarch. JFEL provides its members opportunities to meet its alumni in order to learn about professions in the finance industry.
  • Humility - Seeing that the financial profession has benefited greatly from ideas in fields completely unrelated from finance, JFEL recognizes humility and respect for new ideas as a strategic edge in financial decision making.

Our Yearly Projects

Coffee Talks

JFEL's main project are its semimonthly coffee talks wherein members discuss investment ideas, ongoing trade positions, or various topics that they are presently interested in. Members can use the coffee talks to have a glimpse of the lifestyle of finance professionals who are constantly interpreting data points, making connections that are not obvious at first glance, and should they choose to, make decisions where their capital may be at risk.

Global Equity and Advanced Research Simulation (GEARS)

The JFEL GEARS competition is an annual trading competition. Participants will be enjoying a cash prize for placing in the top spots of this trading competition. They will put their investing approaches to the test by employing their knowledge of position sizing, market timing, and risk management. This trading competition celebrates the investing approach of Technical Analysis.

JFEL Summit

This summit aims to expose the members of JFEL to various careers and paths that they may take as finance professionals. Speakers come from a wide array of financial professions and fields. This event will have speakers discuss a diverse set of cutting edge, revolutionary, and time-tested approaches to understanding and making sense of financial markets. This summit is the culmination and celebration of the investing approach of Fundamental analysis.