Loyola Finance Association (LFA)

Practical and Applicable Finance


Who Are We

LFA provides learning and application opportunities to show anyone interested in finance and related topics how practical and relevant finance can actually be in the real world.

Why should you join us?

  • LFA takes finance out of the classroom and into the real world through activities, seminars, and exposures showing the practical and real-world applications of things learned in class with the ultimate goal of allowing them opportunities to apply these in real-life situations
  • LFA gives opportunities for members to feel fulfillment, giving opportunities for members to make a tangible difference with their passion and knowledge about finance and related topics by applying these to outreach projects that make finance and related topics more accessible and more approachable to the common Filipino, especially those engaged in micro businesses.

Our Yearly Projects

Skills Learning Series

These will be weekly initiatives aiming to teach any interested members new skills for their own personal and career development. Topics include such themes as behavioral finance, personal finance, negotiation, elevator pitching, presentation skills, and the like.

Financial Consultation and Services

The org will train members to handle consultations with unaccredited orgs, JSEC stalls, student-run micro-businesses, and the like, covering topics such as Accounting, Fundraising or Raising Capital, Asset Management, and Auditing for Accreditation, among others

Social Outreach Programs

Another offering will be regular scheduled consultations with micro business owners (sari-sari stores, karinderias, laundromats, etc.) about financial matters, but focused on what they are looking for or what they know they need help with rather than coming in and imposing rigid lesson plans that may or may not be relevant. Aside from this, other programs, activities, and immersions will be available that show the positive, sustainable, and impactful ways that Finance can be used in tangibly improving peoples' lives.