Loyola Videogame League (LVL)

LVL up your game!


Who Are We

Loyola Videogame League is the premier videogame org of the Ateneo. We aim to build and sustain a community that has a passion for video games.

Why should you join us?

  • LVL offers an open-minded and accepting community of gamers
  • LVL will help develop its members' skills through events related to video games

Our Yearly Projects

Viewing Parties

LVL will occasionally host viewing parties for big tournaments in games such as Tekken World Tour (for Tekken), The International (for Dota), Worlds (for League of Legends), etc.

Game Showcase

LVL will hold an event where game developers (whether they are from indepedent companies or students of the Ateneo) can show off their upcoming games to the campus and give the students a sneak peek of what's to come in their games, and will also hold tournaments for specific games - similar to a convention

Streamer Program

LVL will broadcast and feature streamers of the Ateneo, whether they are undergraduates or alumni, and promote their streams and endeavors in certain games.