Mokoa Animation Studio (Mokoa)

Celebrating Life, Frame-by-Frame


Who Are We

Mokoa is an organization that centers around the imaginatively limitless medium that is animation. We believe that animation is an art form that emotionally resonates with anyone and everyone, regardless of age and cultural background.

Why should you join us?

  • Anyone with an interest in animation can join Mokoa.
  • To those who want to learn how to animate, animation workshops, as well as firsthand experience from working in our animation team, can serve as your gateway to producing animation yourself.
  • What if you want to get your hands dirty, but don't know how to draw? Members can sign up for an assortment of jobs including: writing, voice acting, editing, and marketing.

Our Yearly Projects

Mokoa Presents...

Mokoa's annual year-end project will be the release of a major short film, produced over the course of the school year.

Into the Drawing Board

Workshops and lectures hosted by members of the animation industry

Animation Celebration!

Film screenings of animated movies