Making music, Changing lives.


Who Are We

Musikero is an organization dedicated to teaching music to the urban poor children. But more than the aspect of empowering them through music education, we value the bonds we form with the kids through this process as well as with our fellow members.

Why should you join us?

  • Our org serves an outlet where people can share their talents with kids through educating them.
  • An avenue to become better leaders through teaching kids, leading projects, and contributing towards.
  • An opportunity for self-exploration by performing in front of their students, their peers, and in front of audiences. Here, members can break out of their comfort zones and try new things they haven't experienced before and form bonds with new people and different communities.

Our Yearly Projects

Area Visits

The members go to the Right Start area where they will meet the kids they will teach with pre-made lesson plans and modules, form bonds with them through music, and connect with the community.

Teacher's workshop

We will be conducting plenary sessions in between every area engagements where the members will prepare for the upcoming areas by brainstorming in teams, divided by their choice of instrument to teach, creating lesson plans/modules, and strategies of how to teach these lessons to the kids effectively.

Member Jamming Sessions

Members of the org will come together for these intermittent gatherings to bond, share their talents through jamming with the members. This will provide members with opportunities to build their confidence and strengthen their talents together with the other members who want to hone their skills further.