Explore Tech with Us


Who Are We

OpenSource strives to provide students with an avenue to explore how tech is interdisciplinary, enabling, and inclusive. The organization was named after open source code because it aims to mirror the impactful and collaborative communities that open source projects have created. We believe that tech enables people to do great things and improves every discipline. We strive to give everyone who wants to learn about tech an avenue to do so.

Why should you join us?

  • Interested in exploring tech? We host talks and workshops on old and new tech in different areas and disciplines
  • Interested in turning your passion for tech into creativity? We have projects and content creating teams for you to join!
  • Interested in meeting people who like tech too? Most of our events appreciate tech - from gaming to exploring how it's being used in society!

Our Yearly Projects


TECHx explores the interdisciplinarity of tech, and how technology is present and relevant to every field and every industry. TECHx is an event held every month, each session focusing on an industry, and how it has changed or is changing the field for the better. Every event features a theme-related prompt that is meant to be discussed in the talk lead by an industry leader. Each TECHx event ends with a mixer that hopes to further the conversation on the emerging applications of technology.

Workshops on tech

OpenSource hosts workshops every month for varieties of tech. From the basics of coding to mastering PowerPoint and Keynote, we invite specialists to teach our members old and new enabling technologies.

Content Creation for Tech

Want a platform for you to express your love for tech? Join one of OpenSource's Information Communication teams in creating podcasts, documentaries, infographics, and articles about tech!


Have a project idea that you want to execute but no resources to make them a reality? May it be a software project, an event, or a business, OpenSource is hosting a pitching competition that enables your ideas.