Project Kabuhayan

MSME Improvement through Empowerment

Community development

Who Are We

Project KaBUHAYan is the first student-led organization in the Philippines that strives to empower MSME entrepreneurs.

Why should you join us?

  • Project KaBUHAYan is one of the first organizations in the Philippines to advocate for msmes. This is groundbreaking as MSME vastly make up majority of the businesses in the Philippines.
  • Consistency between partner communities is what the organization aims to do. Project KaBUHAYan aims to create and strengthen relationships with the partner communities that it caters to and see the growth of these businesses.
  • Project KaBUHAYan provides its members exposure to business and community work that help shape them for the future.

Our Yearly Projects

KaBUHAYan Sessions

5 sessions spread throughout a month wherein the members of Project KaBUHAYan will teach the partner communities business strategies that cater to their already existing businesses or start up businesses.


Part of the consistency theme, Project KaBUHAYan gives these partner communities avenues wherein they may be able to apply their new business strategies in a bigger scope through bazaars. These bazaars will help showcase their products and let the partner communities see how they can innovate these said products.

Training Workshops

A new initiative wherein members will be trained and equipped with having the knowledge of the various skills they need to teach and help the partner communities towards the goal. Workshops of different skills will be spread throughout the year as this would help the members start and respark their love for the advocacy and gain more knowledge of MSME empowerment.