Project LAAN

Fighting Poverty Through Health

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Who Are We

Poverty is a barrier to life-saving healthcare, but barriers can be overcome. Project LAAN fights to ensure that all Filipinos can exercise their right to health, especially the poor who need it the most. #FightingPovertyThroughHealth

Why should you join us?

  • Members get the opportunity to be involved in the public health system by helping underserved communities.
  • Public health is a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted sector that involves people from different fields like management, communications, design, humanities, and research.
  • We train members in order to cultivate the mindsets and skills needed for community engagements, project management, and health research.

Our Yearly Projects

Community Engagements

LAAN has regular community engagements in Calawis, Antipolo that aim to establish a connection that cultivates and promotes all aspects of the community's health. This includes basic public health research, informative and relevant modules, and seminars. We work hand-in-hand with the officials and the community members to empower and to help them make informed health decisions.

Public Health Training

We have projects and programs (e.g. Public Health Series, UHC Summit, discourse forums, etc.) that allow the members of LAAN to exercise their abilities and mindsets in order to become better public health advocates.

Community Campaigning and Fundraising

We have different resource-generating projects like LAAN Pledge Week and Bake Sale in order to fund all of the initiatives aimed towards our communities/beneficiaries.