Regnum Christi: Love Inspired by Faith and Encounter

Ready to take your faith to new heights? Hike with us!


Who Are We

RC LIFE stands for Regnum Christi: Love Inspired by Faith and Encounter. We are passionate, authentic, and dedicated Catholics, who strive to make God’s Kingdom more real on earth, inspired by our faith and communion with one another and with Christ.

Why should you join us?

  • We create a safe space for people to discover and grow in their faith, with the support and guidance of others in the RC LIFE community.
  • We provide avenues to serve and spread God’s Kingdom through missions of evangelization in our partner community.
  • We give opportunities for our members to walk with and help others in their spiritual journies, as well.

Our Yearly Projects

Encounters with Christ

Encounters with Christ are weekly one-hour sessions wherein a team meets to read and reflect on the following Sunday’s Gospel. Teams share their insights and connect what they reflect to their daily life. Afterward, the team listens to a case study, which is a video or testimony that helps relate the Gospel to a modern day example. Encounters gives each team member time to recenter their week around Christ. By relating their Gospel reflections to their own lives, each person sees the relevance and dynamism of the Gospel. Additionally, through the team dynamic introduced in Encounters, members become part of a faith community that is open to sharing and living the Gospel together.

Holy Hour

An essential part of the spiritual formation of Regnum Christi. It is a time for personal prayer and reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament. During this hour, live music is played and a guest speaker shares their testimony. The sacrament of reconciliation is also available. Holy Hour encourages each person to seek a personal and deep relationship with Jesus. It is during this hour of prayer wherein reflection, healing, discernment and strengthening for the mission of the New Evangelization is done. In the solemn and silent atmosphere of Holy Hour, attendees spend the hour with Jesus alone, allowing each person to speak to Him and hear Him in their own personal way.


RC LIFE’s tagline is “Thy Kingdom Come!”, aptly showing the general thrust of the organization. RC LIFE believes in forming Christ-centered individuals who can witness to Christ in their everyday lives and through acts of service. The latter is mostly seen through missions, wherein members are given the opportunity to share their faith in the service of the less fortunate, providing both the members and the communities they serve an avenue to encounter Christ’s love. Missions involve members spending time with a community through house visits (or dialogue) and catechism with the children so as to assist the local church in the community in caring for its parishioners. This apostolate of RC LIFE Loyola aims to build fellowship among members through a shared experience in Missions, and hopes to familiarize members with RC LIFE’s approach to service. It is through these activities that members are able to make Christ’s Kingdom a more visible reality, by sharing and living their faith with each other as members and to a community outside of RC LIFE.