Tabletop Hobbyists and Interests Collaborative

Roll with us!


Who Are We

THINC is the premier Tabletop Hobby Organization of the Ateneo. We provide a space for all Ateneo students to relax and engage with others who have similar interests; as well as provide a venue for students to experience new hobbies through our events.

Why should you join us?

  • THINC is a place to relax and meet new friends. Classes and schoolwork as well as other org engagements can take a toll on a student. During THINC events and weekly sessions, students are given a space to unwind, relax, and just have fun.
  • THINC is a place to try new things. Thinking of getting into a hobby, but don’t know where to start? THINC’s members and officers are always willing to introduce new members to our hobbies and interests! Sometimes the learning threshold may be rough, but with THINCs various interest circles and helpful members, it might be easier than you think!
  • THINC cares about students’ mental health. THINC has routinely participated in the Guidance Office’s Wellness Week/Mental Health Weeks, providing our board games, card games, and our Dungeon Masters for a safe space to express oneself and take care of oneself. Research has shown that engaging in hobbies such as those that THINC provides can be used as forms of group therapy, or as teaching/learning experiences for those who require it.

Our Yearly Projects

Weekly Hobby Sessions

Through events like Tabletop Weekly, members are able to play board games (provided by the org) and card games with others after school. The TRPG circle also hosts weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

THINC Open House and Events

Open to all Ateneans, THINC hosts Open House as a venue for all Ateneans (org members and non-members) to experience new hobbies and interests as well as get to know what THINC provides as an organization. Other events also include the TRPG raid and Board Game Tournaments.

THINC Workshops

Workshops may be open to all Ateneans or be member-exclusive. These workshops serve as gateways to new hobbies and interests (such as new TRPG systems or new card games) or help enhance skills needed for already existing hobbies (such as DM Academy or Miniature Painting.)