Let's get GENKI!


Who Are We

Toushin stands to create a community that advocates Japanese art and contemporary culture, as well as, to instill in the members the will to constantly pursue excellence and the passion to continue building their skills.

Why should you join us?

  • Toushin has many fun events that will keep our members active and interested such as an anime convention, a cosplay cafe, and monthly film showings.

Our Yearly Projects

Amai Kissaten

This is Toushin's yearly flagship project. It is a cosplay cafe where members dress-up to be their favorite characters from anime and manga to serve guests at campus cafe as servers, entertainers, or even cooks!


TouCon is Toushin's biyearly anime convention. Ever wanted to have an otakucon/comic con mix on your university campus? Well TouCon is just that! Other than merchandise being sold by partnered brands and artists, there will be games and competitions to keep convention goers excited such as a cosplay competition.