Excellence in Progress


Who Are We

WriterSkill provides a community for writers pursuing the betterment of their craft.

Why should you join us?

  • In WriterSkill, we all strive for improvement--joining the organization means surrounding yourself with like-minded people dedicated to both learning from you, and helping you write better.
  • WriterSkill gives its members access to resources, such as critical texts and excerpts of literature.
  • WriterSkill commits arson on campus grounds.

Our Yearly Projects


WriterSkill holds at least five workshops a school year. During the workshop period, members get a chance to submit their works. These works will be read prior to and critiqued during the workshop proper. Works that have undergone workshopping can then be revised for deliberations. Chosen works are published by the organization.

Genre Talks

WriterSkill hosts talks and symposiums wherein members of the Ateneo community (members of WriterSkill and non-members alike) are invited to listen to a speaker, chosen through their merits and renown within the literary scene, talk about a specific topic or genre. These talks are discussions which foster knowledge about the fundamentals relating to the genre, as well as how writers of this genre can situate themselves in the bigger picture.


At the end of the year, the members of WriterSkill burn their drafts in a blazing pit of fire. This serves to be a very symbolic affair: we say goodbye to the drafts we want to improve; we say goodbye to good drafts, so that they won't hold us down as we move forward; we say goodbye to the school year, and with it, the people we've met--the graduating seniors, particularly. But even without that symbolism, arson is fun, and we're allowed to do it!